When I was 10 years old, my father decided to take a photography class.  With me in tow, a mutual passion was developed using my little 110 and his 35mm. We explored cities and country sides together and the seed was planted.  Later, at UNH, during an elective photography class, I fell in love with the art all over again.  Now, after 25 years of the business world behind me (hey, we all need to pay the bills), I find myself back to where it all began, back in class, but this time for digital photography certification.  With the fundamental skills now in my back pocket, I pursue the craft every day and continue to master the skill in a style that I love - natural settings, natural lighting, and composition as the keys.


My own pets have become my favorite subject.  To capture the pureness and souls of my dogs has been my reward.  In my opinion, studios that allow you to put dogs in baskets and hats on cats don't quite leave pet owners with a picture of who their companions are!  Because I will come to your home, spend time with you and your pets, I will capture your family's dynamics and personalities.